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Read the latest updates on new project launches, Events, Meetings, Seminars, Charity, and other company announcements. This section contains links to current and archived press releases for members of the media, investors and partners and anyone who seeks information issued by RoyalGreen.

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Keeping our clients, employees, and partners informed is one of our top priorities. We created the Media Centre to provide you with Latest news and information on our company, our people and our work. We constantly update this section to include our most recent media releases and business statistics.

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Celebrations should not be the mere exhibition of vanity and pretensions. It should be a day or moment to proclaim your care towards your near and dear ones. From this basic premise we at RoyalGreens grab every opportunity to rejoice in every possible way. Festivals, birthday, accomplishment, welcome-initiatives etc we convert every reason into a celebration. Right from our zealous team of employees to our high profile esteemed clients, every stakeholder of RoyalGreens is involved in the celebrations. Such initiatives not only foster a long term commitment with our stakeholders but also a healthy working atmosphere is inculcated.


RoyalGreens believes that our success is measured by more than just achieving the financial targets but the positive contribution we are able to make to the lives of the people and places around us. The difference that we can make to the lives, communities and the environment through our fair business is what will define the long term success for us.